In less than three weeks, Olin’s spring startup fair will be in full swing. Here’s why you, as the founder of a startup, should take the time to attend:

The startup fair is an incredibly exciting event for students here at Olin - and that excitement is about your company. Beyond the simple objective of finding a job or internship, students are genuinely enthusiastic to meet startups that they find interesting - which, to be honest, is most.

One of Olin’s primary tenets is being interested and capable in a broad range of areas, and startups are an excellent way for students to exercise their many interests in a high-energy environment. The multitude of hats worn at startups fit Olin students perfectly. Diversity of interests also translates into diversity of skills - the startup fair is for any company, not just software companies, or hardware companies, or whatever other division you care to draw. Find a student who is interested, and you’ll have found someone who is eager to tackle the problems you face.

The mechanics of the fair itself are designed to facilitate these sorts of conversations - the students are given a booklet a week before the fair with a brief description of each company attending. When the booklet comes out, Olin buzzes with conversation about which companies are solving the coolest problems. On the day of the fair, interested students come to you. They know you’re solving an interesting problem - their only questions are whether or not the team is one they want to work with, and if they can be a part of it.

Of course, the low-pressure environment and suits-aren’t-required atmosphere also helps nervous students - though, not nearly as much as the kind and all-around great people the Boston startup community is made up of. If you’re solving an interesting problem, of any type, and want to find some engineering students to help you out, get in touch: