In May, I began working full time at Striker Security, as its only employee (and CEO, I guess, but thinking that still feels wrong somehow). There’s been a dramatic increase in the amount of paperwork in my life, and taxes still terrify me, and it’s all been one hundred percent worth it.

I’ll keep this short, because starting a company has all of this glory and romance attached to it that just doesn’t seem to be the case - at least, not for a single-person non-venture-funded non-product company like Striker currently is. It’s basically the same as a regular job, but with more flexibility and way more random-yet-critically-important minutiae. It actually feels remarkably normal.

I (of course) have many plans and dreams about where Striker will go in the future - enough to know that they can’t possibly all happen, and enough to know that probably none of them will happen. I also know that that’s OK.

This fall I’ll head back to school at Olin, with three more semesters to go until I finish up my undergraduate degree. I’ll have classes and projects and all of that, and I’m fortunate to have opportunities to take on more work than I could ever finish in several lifetimes. Who knows what will happen. The world is huge, and - to be brutally honest - this company doesn’t need to succeed.

But, who knows. Maybe it will anyway.