The blog of several Olin College students. A place to document cool stuff we’ve done, and proof to ourselves that we do, in fact, do cool stuff.



Dakota Nelson

Dakota’s interests range from computer security to robotics to space - he read too much science fiction as a kid. He writes software in his free time, and dies a little inside every time you say “cyber.” Check out his website at


Dimitar Dimitrov

Dimitar really likes electrons. The more he can play with them, the happier he gets. Sometimes he uses a keyboard, sometimes a soldering iron, and sometimes a magnetized needle and a steady hand. Head to to get in touch.


Logan Davis

Logan loves sinking his teeth into mindbending problems - in any and every domain. As handy with SQL as he is with a lathe, he’s worked on projects from deep-sea integrated systems to cutting-edge sports analytics. You can learn more about him at, a website which in retrospect he could’ve named differently.